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Wikipedia Skin for Canvas Wiki

I needed a ColdFusion app to document my applications and for the staff to share training material. Canvas, the ColdFusion Wiki (lol, love how it sounds) looked perfect for the job. It was simple and a powerful set of features. But the interface was terrible and there was no real user management. Adding user management was simple enough, integrated it with the University’s LDAP directory.  Permissions weren’t really important as anyone who logs in can edit pages. But added an additional layer of authorization, so that only the office staff can delete pages.

For the interface, I decided to go with the Wikipedia theme, it is a very familiar look and will help increase the comfort level and adoption. I used the 2-column liquid layout with left menu in pixels from Works perfectly across all the browsers (IE 6 of course screwed me for a little while).


Liked the end result a lot, very close to Wikipedia. I wish there was a cool logo to go with it. I initially used Yahoo Weather icon for it but later found out that the server firewall blocks all outgoing requests. They call it a security thing….whatever! I will add a logo in later or if anyone else would like to do it, please feel free.

You can get the skin from the download link at the end of this post. The readme file has installation instructions.

If Ray would make this the default skin, I would be delighted.



One comment.

  1. totsubo

    Nice wiki theme. I’ve tried it with Ray’s CanvasWiki and it works beautifully.

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