Some of my recent posts and ramblings.

Noise words problem in SQL Server Full Text Search

SQL Server full text search has some interesting behavior. There are a bunch of words that are considered noise words. These words include


If they exist in the search term, they are stripped out and sql … more

Highlighting the current page link using jQuery

Here is a simple code snippet to highlight the current page text using jQuery. You can change the selector to be global as well, just use $("* a")

$("#navigation a").each(function(){
    if (window.location.pathname === $(this).attr('href')) {

Wikipedia Skin for Canvas Wiki

I needed a ColdFusion app to document my applications and for the staff to share training material. Canvas, the ColdFusion Wiki (lol, love how it sounds) looked perfect for the job. It was simple and a powerful set of features. … more

Adding LDAP support to Lighthouse Pro

I manage 8 something applications for Office of Sponsored Programs at Mason and managing the bugs and feature requests was being done on e-mail. It was a hassle tracking all of them and setting targets. I needed some kind of … more

Microsoft Office Labs Future Vision

Microsoft has put together a video montage of its plans for the future, OUR future.


The funniest video on youtube

This is the most popular video on youtube and I only saw it last year and none of the people I knew had seen it.

The name of the video is “Evolution of Dance” by Judson Laipply. Its six minutes … more