Some of my recent posts and ramblings.

Troxler’s fading in CSS

Found this on Reddit couple of days back and thought of getting some CSS practice. Webkit only though. Firefox works too without the animation, but you can still see the effect.

Troxler's fading or Troxler's effect is a phenomenon of visual perception. When one fixates a particular point, after about 20 seconds or so, a stimulus away from the fixation point, in peripheral vision, will fade away and disappear. The effect is enhanced if the stimulus is small, is of low contrast or equiluminant, or is blurred. The effect is enhanced the further the stimulus is away from the fixation point. Source: Wikipedia

See it in action here


After going through another round of frustrations with cross browser compatibility, I created this 'upgrade your browser' page. Come on people, browse up. The design is inspired by the new Blue Screen of Death in Windows 8. Download the code from Github, you can also see a demo of the page here. Switch the theme for a dark version.

Prevent multiple registrations by same email in mura

This was a request from one of the site visitors (my first request :)).

It was easy enough, the code is in the validate() method in userBean.cfc. You just need to add the highlighted lines in. Instead of modifying the … more

Building and hosting a free website

This is about a fun and very enlightening experience I had building the website for DC Diaper Bank, a non-profit organization that collects baby diapers for needy families in the Washington DC metro area. ┬áThe existing site was built … more

Deers at South Germantown Rec Park

This is how horror games should be done

 … more

Add user to a mailing list in the sign up form in Mura

I’m not sure if this functionality is already in mura, but I couldn’t find anything after browsing the forums. All I found was ability to add to mailing list from a custom form with 2 hidden fields, mlid = {mailing … more

Send account activation emails to users on sign up in Mura

This is a very simple way to send account activation emails and activate the user account once they click the link in their emails in mura. It uses encrypted usernames as the passphrase in the activation emails. You can set … more

Login with email address in Mura

This seems to be a highly requested feature, to allow logins with Email instead of username. The solution, I found is quite simple. The login method is in /requirements/mura/user/userUtility.cfc. Need to override that to check the email column as well. … more

Stunning model airport

Beautiful video of Knuffingen Airport model, has airplanes landing and taking off, passengers walking around and vehicles moving on the airfield.