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Finally found a free syncing note taking app

After looking at so many apps, found the solution at the unlikeliest of places, Microsoft. OneNote now has a web app and an app on the iPhone with full syncing support, none of the ridiculous stuff like Sync only once a day in RTM or Read-only sharing in Evernote. Of course, they are much more powerful and feature-rich than the OneNote app, but this I think fills a very useful need for people like me who just want to share lists. I will get one of the others when I get a need for the other features

But for now, I am one happy Microsoft user. Here’s hoping Microsoft doesn’t screw it up for me and make it a paid anytime soon.

For anyone who is searching, here are some other Note Taking/ To-do List Apps with sharing:

Definitely has some sync issues. Nothing catastrophic so far. Will give it more time.

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