Some of my recent posts and ramblings.

Form Savior – a jQuery plugin to prompt save of unsaved changes in form

I was tasked to find a way to prevent accidental loss of information if the user navigated away from the page after changing the form. This article from 4GuysFromRolla helped me get started on the solution. But it required a … more

IE caching ajax responses

Another one from IE. It never runs out of new ways to screw our lives. On one of our sites, the client kept coming back saying the person they just entered doesn’t show up in a dropdown list which was … more

Noise words problem in SQL Server Full Text Search

SQL Server full text search has some interesting behavior. There are a bunch of words that are considered noise words. These words include


If they exist in the search term, they are stripped out and sql … more

Highlighting the current page link using jQuery

Here is a simple code snippet to highlight the current page text using jQuery. You can change the selector to be global as well, just use $("* a")

$("#navigation a").each(function(){
    if (window.location.pathname === $(this).attr('href')) {