Some of my recent posts and ramblings.

After reading the Steve Jobs biography

Stunning model airport

Beautiful video of Knuffingen Airport model, has airplanes landing and taking off, passengers walking around and vehicles moving on the airfield.


Conditional CSS styles for IE6 in the stylesheets

I never knew about this, guess I never bothered to check but you can have conditional styles for different versions of IE right inside your stylesheets.

Source: CSS Tricks

To Target only IE6

* html #div {

To … more

Amazing time lapse video of an Antarctic Expedition


Popular News websites online

CNN is No.1 online at least. NYT is quite low. Surprisingly, the Drudge Report is in the top 10, but Huffington Post is missing.

Bing results are a little different. CNN and Fox are still in the top 3, along … more

Digg seems to be having quite an interesting day

The New Digg is finally coming to everyone. Interesting to see some of the problems with a site refresh.

I get the feeling, this scene is not going to change very soon.


Annoying problem with cfmail inside cffunction

Spent way too much time trying to figure this out. Using cfmail inside a cffunction wasn’t sending out the email. Worked just fine on a cfm page. Turns out, you need to set cffunction output=”yes”. Hopefully, this will save some … more