Some of my recent posts and ramblings.

Feynman lectures on physics

I have been doing a lot of commuting for my new job at (Need to find something closer). Anyway, so I discovered Feynman's lectures on physics. He is such an AMAZING speaker, talks with a lot of passion, you can feel how much he loves his work. The videos are apparently recommended listening for all physics majors, I wish they showed these to us in school. Here are links to a few. See the videos

Visualization of US State birds on a map

An interesting visualization of the US State birds. I got interested after seeing the Virginia Cardinal and the American Goldfinch at the regional park. It was surprising to see that a lot of states share the same state bird. The Cardinal seems to be the most popular followed by the Meadowlark and the Mockingbird.

See the interactive map here

A compilation of Douglas Crockford videos on youtube

I am ashamed to say that I discovered these videos by Doug Crockford so recently. It is a must watch for any web developer. Only a few of the videos are technical, but he explains the history and evolution of the web over the years, the development of javascript and the Microsoft-Netscape browser wars. Very interesting and Crockford makes it very entertaining. more

Troxler’s fading in CSS

Found this on Reddit couple of days back and thought of getting some CSS practice. Webkit only though. Firefox works too without the animation, but you can still see the effect.

Troxler's fading or Troxler's effect is a phenomenon of visual perception. When one fixates a particular point, after about 20 seconds or so, a stimulus away from the fixation point, in peripheral vision, will fade away and disappear. The effect is enhanced if the stimulus is small, is of low contrast or equiluminant, or is blurred. The effect is enhanced the further the stimulus is away from the fixation point. Source: Wikipedia

See it in action here

The funniest video on youtube

This is the most popular video on youtube and I only saw it last year and none of the people I knew had seen it.

The name of the video is “Evolution of Dance” by Judson Laipply. Its six minutes … more