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Adding LDAP support to Lighthouse Pro

I manage 8 something applications for Office of Sponsored Programs at Mason and managing the bugs and feature requests was being done on e-mail. It was a hassle tracking all of them and setting targets. I needed some kind of a issue tracker. Our server runs ColdFusion. I went to RIAforge and found a few. Of them all, Lighthouse Pro fit my requirements perfectly. It was simple, had e-mail notifications and has a very clean interface.

The problem was with the authentication. Our applications are used by all the faculty at school and asking them to create an account would be naive ;) They never have time for anything. I use LDAP for authentication on all my applications, so I had to add the same to Lighthouse Pro. It was my first time working with Model-Glue. But it was easier than I thought. The only files that needed to be changed were the ColdSpring.xml and UserService.cfc files.

  • Added the server configuration to ColdSpring.xml
  • Added 3 methods to UserService.cfc: userExists, userSearch, ldapAuthenticate
  • Modified the Authenticate method in userService.cfc to use the LDAP authentication

Flow Chart

Been a while since I made flow charts, so forgive me if it violates any conventions, but it should illustrate the functionality.

The readme file in the archive has details on how to install and the changes.



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